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  • Strategy Planning


    This tool is a step by step guide and template making the process easier.
    Useful for overall business strategy and functional strategy; HR, Sales, Operations etc It will allow you to clearly define a plan for your future and ensure you set relevant goals and achieve them.

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  • Employee Handbook


    Your company handbook is the quickest and easiest way to show new staff what you expect from them and what isn’t acceptable behaviour while they’re working for you.

    It will also include all the important policies and processes that you rely on to manage your staff, such as sick leave, grievances and disciplinaries.

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  • Cost per hire calcultor


    Recruitment costs account for 15% of all HR spending.

    The average amount of money your company spends to hire a single new employee, is one of the most versatile and useful metrics a hiring department can track. Many hiring departments regularly calculate this metric.

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