Agile leadership

In the fast paced world we live having a flexible or agile leadership style is essential.  There are many different styles of leadership in business today. A study by Daniel Goleman identified 6 styles of leadership that are the most effective.

Each of the styles has their positives and negatives and they also have a different effect on people’s emotions and However he puts forward the idea that a good leader uses a combination of these leadership styles thereby having a flexible leadership style.


6 Most Effective Leadership Styles

“… the research indicates that leaders with the best results do not rely on only one leadership style, they use most of them in a given week – seamlessly and in different measure – depending on the business situation.” (Goleman, D. 2000. 78-79)


Task vs Relationship Leadership Styles

Leaders often don’t think about the type of leader they are. Generally they fall into either the task-oriented or relationship-oriented leadership style.

Guide to Leader and Team Coaching

Developing leader flexibility starts with raising leader and team awareness. This in turn drives positive action, behaviour change and goal achievement


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