Performance management

Performance management, though easier said then done, can yield increased engagement and reduced staff turnover.

Its’ an ongoing process (not just once a year!) of communication between a leader and an employee that occurs throughout the year, in support of accomplishing the strategic objectives of the organization.

The communication process includes clarifying expectations, setting objectives, identifying goals, providing feedback, and reviewing results.


Performance management process

Companies today tend to hire those with the strongest potential to align themselves with company values and objectives, so there is no longer the need to simply weed out the bottom performers once a year.


Improve performance by managing mood

Why? Well, nobody likes being in a bad mood. But bad mood is more than just an unpleasant feeling....


Performance improvement plan(PIP)

A performance improvement plan (PIP), also known as a performance action plan, is a tool to give an employee with performance deficiencies the opportunity to succeed.


Goal setting

First things first, the strategies needed to achieve your goals are actually very simple, it’s the execution that is more difficult.

360 feedback

Do you have the right leaders on board and how would you know if you did? Gut feel or maybe that in conjunction with performance management? There is a better way.