Reduce Staff turnover

The business environment we find ourselves in today is extremely competitive. In this climate it's all the more important to reatin key staff

How to manage staff turnover

According to research carried out by Columbia University, the cost of replacing an employee is 150% of their annual salary, SHRM on the other hand have stated that it is between 60-200%.

Guide to talent management

78% of CEOs are intending to make changes to their strategies for managing people, according to a recent PWC Global CEO survey


Onboarding should always be a priority for HR as data complied by Tanya Bauer, Professor of Management at Portland State University from the US highlights how half of all senior outside hires fail within 18 months of starting a new position.

Managing mood contagion

A positive work culture is what differentiates high- performance organisations from less successful ones.

Reduce staff turnover through onboarding

Reduce turnover by "nailing" your onboarding process