What is culture ? This is the definition Schein gives :

A pattern of shared basic assumptions learned by a group as it solved its problems of external adaptation and internal integration (…) A product of joint

According to the Emeritus professor, Leadership is the source of the beliefs and values and the most central issue for leaders is to understand the deeper levels of a culture (…) and to deal with the anxiety that is unleashed when those assumptions are challenged (change).


Impact of leadership style on culture

...different leadership styles and behaviours are going to impact culture in different ways. Michael Germano points out that successful leaders influence those around them to reap maximum benefits from the company resources including its most vital- its people.


Impact of international cultural differences

Globalisation means that our business and indeed our personal lives increasingly involve international networks. In order to leverage these networks and maximise relationships with people operating in different cultures Erin Meyer has come up with a tool called Culture Map.


10 signs of toxic culture

Organisation culture is the key driver in a achieving objectives. As Peter Drucker would say “ Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. So, it’s important to watch for the signs that show you’re moving from a healthy to a toxic culture before it’s too late.

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