CV Don’ts

Some common mistakes to avoid:

DO NOT make spelling mistakes

The advent of the spellchecker makes this inexcusable and reflects poorly on your application.

Don’t lie

Hiding periods of unemployment is one of the biggest mistakes. As innocent as the omission may be, the prospective employer can view it as an attempt to hide something.

Personal information

Such as your religion, race, marital or family status, is irrelevant to job applications. Your prospective employer is not allowed to judge you on these criteria when making a hiring decision.


Do not include copies of certificates or written references, unless requested to do so. This results in a bulky CV, which reduces the impact of information that is otherwise well presented. References are usually checked at the final stage of the recruitment process and therefore you are normally asked at interview for permission to seek references from the relevant party. If you want to mention references, put ‘References are available on request’ at the end of your CV.

Other notes

It is unnecessary to include a passport photograph unless specifically requested to do so.

Don’t forget your contact details; it may sound obvious, however it does happen.

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