High Potential Indicator


The High Potential Trait Indicator helps identify leadership potential by exploring a person’s personality traits for example senior leadership capability.

High Potential Indicator test

What is it?

The HPTI has been developed over many years in collaboration with experts, professionals and practitioners through research programmes and in collaboration with researchers at University College London and High Potential Psychology Ltd.

It has been designed based on an ‘optimality’ model; this model assumes that a person’s personality traits can be considered ‘optimal’ based on the requirements of a particular job role or position, such as senior leadership.

The personality traits measured by the HPTI are as follows:

  • Conscientiousness
  • Adjustment
  • Curiosity
  • Risk Approach
  • Ambiguity Acceptance
  • Competitiveness

A person’s responses on the HPTI will be reflected back as a position on a continuum for each of the six traits, falling into one of four bandings: Low, Moderate, Optimal or Excessive. Too much or too little of a trait will have advantages as well as disadvantages. Certain trait levels can indicate a high potential to succeed, or potentially indicate characteristics that could derail an otherwise successful person.


Access a persons potential particularly  for senior leadership rolesi. Meaues teh gap between where they are now verses where they need be based on an optimal model.

Application:  Selection or development processes. Personal development, enhancing communication, counselling, guidance and team building.


It take approximately 10 minutes to complete the test.

  1. When you buy the test(s) you will receive an email asking for name(s) and email address(es) of those who will take the test within 24 hours
  2. A link to the test will be sent inviting participants to take the test and reminders will also be sent
  3. Results report will be emailed to those designated.