This is a useful tool to assess personal values to verify alignment to organisation culture. It provides a detailed assessment covering a wide range of values.

Values test


What is it?

It provides insight into the balance between individual and group/societal values which are sources of individual satisfaction or meaning.

What I want for myself: reward, fame, well-being, excitement, change, conceptual;

What I want to become: personal growth, career progression, influence, legacy, wisdom, transcendence;

What I want from others: social contact, integrity, connection, openness, collaboration, inclusion;

What I want from society: altruism, tradition, culture, harmony, libertarian, accountability.


Access a persons values and motives and so behaviour.

Application:  Selection or development processes. Personal development, enhancing communication, counselling, guidance and team building.


It take approximately 8 minutes to complete the test.

  1. When you buy the test(s) you will receive an email asking for name(s) and email address(es) of those who will take the test within 24 hours
  2. A link to the test will be sent inviting participants to take the test and reminders will also be sent
  3. Results report will be emailed to those designated.